Backyard bouquets

After a week-and-a-half of admin and all the grown-up business stuff, we were having serious floral withdrawal symptoms! So it was with great delight that we donned our thermals and high-vis vests for a trip to the flower market. It seems the market missed us too, for when we flashed our market passes the parking booth guy said, with a wink, that he’d missed our smiles. It appears it’s never too early for an ego boost!

As we’re often guided by the unusual, we couldn’t go past these amazing lavender-blue ageratums.

Ageratum flowers in lavender blue

With these in hand, we browsed for other varieties to match and picked up some lisianthus, carnations and hypnose roses to make a playful posy.

Lisianthus carnation and hynose rose playful bouquet

And, just because we could, we went a bit rose crazy!

Red and white hypnose and floribunda posy

We think these scentimental floribunda roses (we love a pun, but seriously?), with their delicious splashes of cream, look good to enough to eat.

Small floribunda rose posy

And here’s what we did with the leftovers…

Cascading arrangement of roses and lisianthus

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