Reconciliation Week

Yesterday, we styled with Australian native flowers and plants to celebrate National Reconciliation Week, a time for Australians to learn about our shared histories and cultures. We’re lucky enough to have shared a country filled with 24,000 species of flora (and counting), some of which we’ve included below.

We foraged in Cruickshank Park, Yarraville, for some fallen Eucalyptus branches, which was quite a task because the park was so neat!

Eucalyptus branches from Cruickshank Park Yarraville

We also gathered a few bits and pieces from our gardens, including some bottlebrush seed pods.

Bottlebrush seed pods

Many people think that proteas are Aussie natives, and they are closely related to Banksia and Grevillia, but they in fact originated in Southern Africa. They’ve been enthusiastically adopted in Australia and they love our climate, so we’ve included them here. Check out the contrasting colours of these Cream Mink (black-and-white) and Susara (pink) proteas. Just stunning!

Cream mink and susara proteas

We included some kangaroo paws to match the deep blush in the centre of the Susara proteas.

Kangaroo paws added to flower arrangement

Then we dressed up an old fireplace with vintage jugs and vessels, and filled them with our finds.

Vintage vessel flower arrangement in Yarraville

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