Good Enough To Eat

Today’s challenge was to style with fruit and vegetables, so we headed to the Little Saigon Shopping Centre in Footscray to look for some edible inspiration.

Little Saigon market sign

Little Saigon was overflowing with interesting produce, so it was actually difficult to choose! But in the end, we were drawn to the bright greens and reds, so this became our colour palette.

Roses and fruit for arrangement

We trimmed and arranged our roses, chrysanthemums and bok choy, and chopped, gutted and scattered our pomegranates, strawberries, custard apples and rambutans (‘hairy’ fruit, similar to lychees). Check out the osiria roses, which look like they’ve been turned inside out; they’re nature’s answer to a plain winter coat with a red velvet lining.

To set off the bright colours, we styled with plain ceramic kitchen jugs and, when we ran out of those, we gutted a custard apple.

Table arrangements with roses dahlias and fruit

Just add glasses of bubbles for a great drinks table!

Arrangement on table with roses and dahlias

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