Sweeter With Berries

Our flower market venture began typically this morning – waiting for Anna to pick up Megs at 4.45 (who was bouncing to keep warm like a high-vis beacon) to flashing a smile at the parking booth guy’s request. Once inside, we spied these fun hypericum berries so, game faces on, we set about finding roses to complete a get-well-soon bouquet.

Hypericum berries with roses and molucca balm

We prepped our berries, roses and molucca balm, so they looked beautiful all in row. Check out the ruffled edges of the revue roses – they’re wonderfully crispy to touch.

Revue roses

We began our bouquet with a single stem of berries to every rose, then changed our minds and doubled the quantity! More is more.

Roses arranged with berries for bouquet

We think roses are sweeter with berries.

Green red roses and other flowers in bouquet

Roses and other flowers ready for delivery

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