Budding Bridal Shoot

We’re lucky enough to be working with Lorna Evans and the creative teams from Zumay Salon and Chumba Concept Salon on her forthcoming wedding book and DVD (Lorna Evans Education). Stage 1 – the test shoot – was last week, and we supplied a couple of bouquets for Lorna’s beautiful model to hold.

Our first bouquet was made using japonica, also known as Japanese quince or flowering quince. The sun was out when we put it together and we swear the buds enjoyed the vitamin D as much as we did!

Japonica blooming in the sun

You’ll have to trust us when we say the coral-pink tones and warped stems accentuated the Art Nouveau style of the model’s hair and stood out strikingly against her Mariana Hardwick wedding dress.

Japonica buds make a striking bouquet

Our second bouquet, featuring poppies, also had its time in the sun.

Poppies in the sun

Poppies are supplied closed and take a few days to hatch, so it’s like a lucky dip of colours – you never know what you’re going to get. Almost before your eyes, they pop out of their skins and bloom into delicate, papery flowers. Well, that’s what’s supposed to happen! Over several days, we were on poppy patrol – experimenting with different temperatures, letting them sunbake, cooling them down, peeling their skins off, and generally being overbearing pageant mums! Thankfully, enough poppies opened in the colours we wanted.

Lifecycle of a poppy

We included ranunculus, revue roses and waxflowers to brighten the bouquet.

Poppy, ranunculus, waxflower and rose wedding bouquet

We had everything we needed, except the right address! We knocked on every door, including a filthy steel one we found after scaling a back alley wooden staircase (we’ll never forget the look on the office workers’ faces when they saw the two of us with our flowers and explained that we were the first people in the history of their business to knock on that door!).

Finally, we made it to studio where we met Lorna and the team, as well as photographer Carl Keeley, cinematographer Stephan Hoffacker, and designer and stylist Gabrielle Stephens. It was incredible to watch everyone in action and we’re looking forward to sharing the photos with you.

Bouquets for Lorna Evans' bridal photoshoot


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