Dancing Lady

As a thank you for some wicked design work our friend Karla did for us, we ‘broke’ into her inner-Melbourne apartment that she shares with her partner PJ, and flowered her living area.

As well as being an amazing designer, Karla is a dedicated popper. You might have spotted her in dance battles on Swanston Street, seen her doing her thing here or, if you were in South Korea last month(!), you might have seen her representing Australia showcasing this funky dance style. So, when choosing flower varieties, Dancing Lady orchids seemed perfect for this dancing lady!

Dancing lady orchids

We trimmed the vibrant yellow orchids into lines and strung them up from the living room windows, so they could get their groove on in the breeze.

Anna with dancing lady orchids

Hanging dancing lady orchids

We had a bit of a groove ourselves to a very funky playlist while we installed our Singapore orchid artwork.

Singapore orchid art

We didn’t want to leave Karla and PJ’s cool apartment and their treasure trove of curios and comfy beanbags!

We’re pretty sure Karla’s reaction isn’t the normal response when someone breaks into your apartment…
As I walked into the living area I was blown over by blooms! I will never hang curtains again! And the starry-string-wall-piece is just too cool for school. The scattered petals and vases + a lovely note confirming the bombing was the icing on the top. I am so blown away and thankful for this cheeky surprise you have given me. Thank you SO much, words cannot express! I’m living in the city but I feel like I’m in a little cottage – completely in love.

Karla's room styled with flowers

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