Wedding This Way

One of our favourite wedding themes is the picnic. There’s just something about lounging on a colourful blanket, with a hamper full of cheese and olives, surrounded by trees and wildflowers… sigh. So when our good friends Ruth and Bill decided to get married picnic-style in their backyard in Blackburn, we had just the floral design in mind.

Billy buttons, chrysanthemums, Easter daisies, berzelia, asters, sunflowers and sprigs of sweet-smelling lavender were just a few of the varieties we included in the boutonnieres and bouquet, and in jars scattered around the garden.

Looking mighty fine in their vintage outfits, Ruth and Bill were married beneath a grand oak tree.

The garden had an enchanted feel to it, as the guests wound their way down the path to their designated picnic blanket.

A bit of sun, a glass of wine and a delicious cupcake – what a perfect way to tie the knot!


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