Wattle Wedding

This whole crazy journey began in early winter, when the wattle was just starting to bloom. We had a consult with our Aussie bride, Kristy, who wanted to acknowledge her fiancé Gabriele’s Italian heritage. Having been to Italy and been charmed by the mimosa that adorned all the alfresco dining tables, Megs was keen to create a hanging wattle installation.

But we didn’t entirely think this through… Given the wedding wasn’t until November, we had no choice but to strip back all the leaves and dry shed-loads of wattle.

Anna doesn’t like to sit still for very long, so often when Megs’ focus was on the ‘wattling’, Anna would be cooking up a storm in the kitchen to feed her worker bee. Poached eggs? Quesadilla? Sugar-free, coconut, raspberry, almond, sesame seed, chocolate ripple slice?

We stored the wattle in Anna’s house, then in Megs’ house when Anna moved, and for months and for months it sat. And those little wattle buds latched onto everything. So when November finally came, and it was time to install, it was a massive high-five moment.

The venue for Kristy and Gabriele’s wedding was at Captains Creek, a gorgeous organic winery near Daylesford.

We couldn’t wait to install the ‘wattle sky’ above the dance floor and to see it in all its twinkly glory. So when it was finally hanging en masse, we were stoked that it had the impact we envisaged.

Believe it or not, the wattle was just one element of this wedding. We also dressed the wedding arch in hessian and accessorised with sea holly, white calla lilies and chrysanthemums.

Karla, our floral apprentice for the day, worked tirelessly with good grace and humour(!). The table settings included fragrant soy-wax candles and mason jars with spring varieties.

We included deep purple and white calla lilies in the bouquets and boutonnieres to complement Kristy’s bridal colour story.

With our work done, the scene was set for a beautiful wedding.

Wedding arch with flowers


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