When Life Gives You Lemons…

Add flowers.

Our clients Tammy and Eitam are passionate foodies (check out their cafe Einstein’s 251 when you’re next in Caulfield!), so we added a couple of little edible touches to their wedding flowers.

Dahlias and lemons in jars

Herbs in buckets as decoration

As well as fruit and herbs, we livened up their reception with bright sunflowers, veronica, golden rod, dahlias, Queen Anne’s lace and oh-so-sweet-smelling freesias.

sunflowers, veronica, golden rod, dahlias, Queen Anne’s lace and freesias for bride's table

More of the sunflowers and veronica table arrangements

Melbourne’s record-breaking heatwave meant that many flowers didn’t make it to the cool change – we barely did! Daisies (originally a big part of the brief for this wedding) were a casualty, so they were in short supply. We added touches of golden rod to make sure the bridesmaids’ daisy crowns and boutonnieres glowed.  Floral crowns and boutonnieres

Daisy boutonnieres ready for the wedding party

The eucalyptus leaves, which gave Tammy’s bouquet its draping structure, smelled incredible.

And it could be why this happened… Paul, our floral assistant for the afternoon (and incidentally Megs’ husband so he had no choice!), put up with our antics.

With our eucalyptus chains in tow, we rocked up to the synagogue in Elsternwick. It was humbling to meet Danny, who has worked as the caretaker for over 40 years. It’s a shame we didn’t get a picture of him, so you’ll have to settle for Anna’s floral bum.

Styling at the synagogue

Danny waited patiently as we decorated the chuppah, which was also over 40 years old.

Chuppah styled with daisies and other flowers

After setting up the chuppah, we hightailed it to the reception venue in Dromana (Stillwater at Crittenden) to add our final floral touches.

Flowers on tables at reception

And when in Dromana…

On the beach after wedding


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