One Fine Day

The concept of a Wedding Expo can be overwhelming to think about. They’re mostly held in venues so large you need a Segway to travel in, and they often leave you feeling exhausted rather than inspired. So we were grateful for the beautiful mob at One Fine Collective who launched One Fine Day Wedding Fair back in Sydney in 2012 as a ‘refreshing alternative’ to the traditional wedding expo. And, we were over the moon to be involved as vendors at the 2014 Melbourne Wedding fair held at the gorgeous Abbotsford Convent!

Flower stand wedding fair

With Megs taking on the very important job of bringing a new human into the world, Anna enlisted Gav to be her man-power, supply her with coffee and be the Humour to her Grace.

Gavin with bouquets

Always fans of seeing our blooms against an urban backdrop, we connected with the wonderful Chuck Mayfield and Júlia Palazzo to create a ‘street art’ inspired stand. Chuck interpreted the brief brilliantly and we were stoked with our monochrome backdrop of Australian native flowers.

Cinder blocks, milk crates and wooden boxes formed the display and we got our floral on with rustic natives, an array of proteas, creeping eucalyptus and peppercorn. Hints of bright stock gave our stand and our bouquets those obligatory GG&H colour pops!

It was an epic weekend but heaps of fun. Thank you to all who popped by the stand to say hello, to our lovely neighbours and to the fabulous OFD team who were so helpful when pulling together the magic of One Fine Day! AND, to our new clients, we can’t wait to work with you!

Anna at wedding expo



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