At Good Grace & Humour, we do our best to deliver you stunning flower arrangements in an environmentally friendly way.

  • We create arrangements in reusable vessels, often vintage vases or up-cycled bottles, jars and so on.
  • If we need to use floral foam, feel assured it is ASTM D5511 certified biodegradable 100% within 567 days.
  • We steer clear of flower preservatives, as cut flowers only need fresh water, and use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Our flowers are purchased fresh and locally. We try not to use imported flowers. Most are grown right here in Australia, sometimes surprisingly close to Melbourne!
  • Because we make our arrangements to order, and purchase only the flowers that we need, we don’t produce much wastage.
  • All the floral off-cuts / waste that we do produce is disposed of as green waste (or sometimes it goes into home compost piles).  Other waste is recycled where possible.
  • Our business cards are printed locally by Print Together, who use 100% recycled paper, vegetable based inks and a green collective printing process.

Contact us and we can tell you more about Good Grace & Humour’s green ways.


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