Meet Megs

I was the kind of kid who spent more time making the cover of an assignment pretty than writing the assignment (and yes, all assignments need a cover). My dream job was to travel around Australia selling home-made items from the back of a Kombi van. I would lie in the sun, in the middle of the school oval, making daisy chains for whoever would wear them.

These days I can spend hours sifting through images, looking for that perfect something. I follow artists to observe colour combinations and can’t get enough wallpaper in my life. I work with beautiful flowers to make beautiful arrangements for beautiful people.

I hope to always find loveliness in the little things. And to travel to dusty corners of the world. I suspect I’ll never tire of patterned tiles, but that my boys will. I hope to always be an early bird – there’s adventure in waking before the sun does. And to keep creating with good grace and humour.

Whether you have a wedding, a special event or need flowers for styling, it would be my pleasure to assist with your floral design.